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Training Camp Murmurs, Take 1: Shved, Williams, Love, Roy, Budinger

There isn’t a high volume of meaty information coming from Timberwolves training camp. But there are interesting tidbits here and there.

One such tidbit involves Alexey Shved. Shved is a talent, but coming into camp there were question marks about his frame and his lack of experience, despite the skills and composure he put on display at the Olympics.

But Shved has kept on truckin’ during the first two days of camp.

Joan Niesen has the choice firsthand info on Shved:

“Yes, Shved is thin, but he’s also taller than Adelman expected, and he’s not getting manhandled on the court. He looked good in 5-on-5 on Tuesday, playing smoothly and quickly,” Niesen reports.

Wolves coach Rick Adelman concurs.

“I just don’t see him getting pushed around,” Adelman said. “I said before, the thing that will be the biggest adjustment is at the defensive end. He’s just going to have guys coming at him all the time, and that’s where he’s going to make his adjustment. He’s going to get better offensively because he has skills.”

So does teammate and fellow Russian Andrei Kirilenko.

“He’s a young, talented guy who can really run and bring you a lot of energy on the floor,” Kirilenko said. “He’s not afraid to take a shot in the crunch moment, which is needed on every team in the NBA. He’s young, with the potential to keep growing.”

Other training camp tidbits that got my attention are below the fold.

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Looking at the Wolves Offense, Part I: Three-Point Shooting

Last year’s Timberwolves had a problematic pairing of statistics describing its three-point shooting prowess.  The first statistic is 21.6.  That’s the average number of three-point shots attempted by the Wolves in a game.  That’s kind of a lot; good for 6th most in the entire league.  It’s nearly double the number of treys attempted by playoff teams like the Jazz and Grizzlies.  Only one team (Orlando) shot considerably more treys per game than this.  The second statistic is 33.2.  That’s the Wolves’ three-point shooting percentage.  It isn’t very impressive; tied for 23rd in the league.  There are many reasons why three-point shooting is a necessary weapon for the Timberwolves.  One, Ricky Rubio excels at delivering awesome passes to open perimeter shooters.  Two, Pekovic is a load in the paint and should attract defenders down low, welcoming jump shots for his teammates.  And three, the Wolves are not a team with jaw-dropping athleticism that will consistently win games by slashing to the bucket.  In order to be an efficient offense, they’ll need to be somewhat prolific from downtown.  In Part I of a series on the Wolves Offense, I investigate the three-pointing shooting issue to see if things might look better in 2012-13.

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The Roy Reality

Expect more step-back jumpers and less poster dunks from B-Roy this year.

Brandon Roy gave an interview on NBATV where he discussed his new team and return from retirement.  You could write most of the transcript without watching the video (“I feel great, the situation seemed right, yada yada…) but Roy said one thing that stuck out as a candid bit of truth.  When discussing his current level of athleticism, Roy stated:

You know honestly, right now and all summer long, I’ve been preparing to not have to take a step back with my game.  I’ll be honest; some of the lift isn’t quite what it used to be, but I think my explosiveness to get to the basket has been just as good.  You know, more than anything I think I’m a lot smarter of a basketball player.  I understand that the NBA season is long and my body isn’t what it used to be.  But right now I feel great.  Me and Coach Adelman are gonna sit down before the season and communicate throughout the year about how I’m feeling and what’s the best way to get the most out of me. Continue reading


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Top Wolves Questions Heading Into Training Camp, Part II

Can Brandon Roy take over as the Wolves’ closer?

With training camp just around the corner, there are a bunch of top-level questions that remain unanswered as October 2nd approaches. There’s been a ton turnover on the roster, and many players’ roles are anything but clear. Long story short, the team’s success this season will likely hinge on the answers.

In part 2 of a two-part series, I look at the ten questions I think are most important heading into the 2012-13 season. The countdown, from #5 – #1, is below the fold.

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Positional Battles

photo by David Sherman/NBAE (via espn.com)

It strikes me that even if Hassan Whiteside becomes a Timberwolf in the coming days, the playing roster is probably complete.  It also strikes me that there is far from a clear-cut starting lineup, or even playing rotation.  Rick Adelman does not strike me as a coach who worries about going deep into his bench to appease reserve players.  At least not in big games when he’s coaching his best teams.  Before speculating about this year’s rotation, let’s look back at last year’s:

Point Guard – Ricky Rubio (34.2 minutes per game)
Shooting Guard – Luke Ridnour (33.0 minutes per game)
Small Forward – Wesley Johnson (22.6 minutes per game; 64 starts)
Power Forward – Kevin Love (39.0 minutes per game)
Center – Nikola Pekovic (26.9 minutes per game)

Reserve Guard – J.J. Barea (25.2 minutes per game)
Reserve Wing – Martell Webster (24.3 minutes per game)
Reserve Forward – Michael Beasley (23.1 minutes per game)
Reserve Power Forward – Derrick Williams (21.5 minutes per game) Continue reading


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INBOX: Is Brandon Roy Back?

Andy G: Brandon Roy is back.  Not only did Kevin Pelton summarize his observations of Roy’s recent showing at the Seattle Pro-Am (hosted by Jamal Crawford, apparently), but there’s video too!  Pelton had this to say about it: Continue reading

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INBOX: Goodbye Michael Beasley, Hello Brandon Roy

Fun with Photoshop

Patrick J: Lots of Wolves activity of late: Beasley’s gone, Roy’s in, and the fun has just begun.Good or no good?

Andy G: Before I dig into last night’s wave of Blazers-Wolves free agency warfare, I’ll say my piece about de boi Mike Beasley.

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