20 things I hate about that game

1. Barea wasting a 2-for-1 opportunity in the biggest possession of the game so that he could jack up a terrible shot with a dwindling shot clock.
2. Pekovic missing wide open dunks.
3. Brewer missing wide open dunks.
4. Rubio missing everything.
5. Love refusing to get a hand up when Kris Humphries (1st Half) or Jared Sullinger (crunchtime) are squared up for a shot.
6. Gorgui fouling Gerald Wallace on three-pointers.
7. The Wolves interior defense when Gorgui isn’t on the floor.
8. Shabazz never getting a chance to play on a mediocre team that needs another shooter/scorer.
9. Missing free throws when it’s almost always a team strength.
10. Losing to Eastern Conference teams.
11. Inevitable praise for the Celtics and Brad Stevens despite fact that Wolves lost that game more than Cs won it.
12. Falling below .500 at the 25-game mark.
13. Being worse than Portland every year.
14. Wasting a 9-10 shooting effort from defensive specialists Cunningham & Mbah a Moute.
15. Seeing Rubio benched, which leads to seeing J.J.’s late-game decisions.
16. Imagining Rubio feeding Love in the post and posing zero threat to shoot if Love is doubled.
17. Jordan Crawford’s shot selection and decision making resulting in a win over the Timberwolves.
18. Jared Sullinger being the best player on the floor when five other Timberwolves are on the floor.
19. The end of the Kevin Martin-Rick Adelman Honeymoon.
20. The seemingly-inevitable return of this discussion.



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3 responses to “20 things I hate about that game

  1. J Diddy

    Great list. I could probably add another 20 myself! #21 for me was the poor defensive rebounding. Credit to the C’s for tipping a lot of balls out but that is where Ricky, Brewer and Hummell (very impressed by his rebounding so far) could have helped. Any of the 3 on the court could have helped there.

    I’ve officially started the Bye Bye Adelman clock. He’s run out of excuses.

    • I wouldn’t go [nearly] that far on Rick. It’s easy to forget how big the leap from atrocious to .500ish was. Most of the Wolves problems stem from the roster. They can’t be great defensively with their limited length and athleticism up front. They can’t be great offensively with the terrible shooting from Rubio and Brewer.

      If Budinger ever comes back in decent health, it will be interesting to see what lineups that include him, Martin and Love look like. For all the ink spilled about Adelman’s cool motion offenses (plenty of it in this space) it might just be that Rubio needs ball screens and shooter teammates.

      Adelman is coaching around a lot of big weaknesses and limitations here.

  2. Alexey played his best game of the season last night. I’d still like to see him either (1) get his minutes as the backup point guard, not sharing the floor with Barea, or (2) have his minutes given to Muhammad. I’ll always be a fan of Shved’s, but he has proven himself terrible in the role in which he’s been cast. I think people might be pleasantly surprised by Shabazz’s ability to score and rebound a bit in the role Alexey’s currently playing. (Alexey’s also a terrifically bad defender, so whatever the stereotype about Shabazz’s defense, it’s not a valid reason to advocate for Alexey over him.)