Spurs-Wolves Smoked Out, Postponed


A very weird night for the Timberwolves and Spurs who traveled to Mexico City for a basketball game, but couldn’t play it because the arena got so smoky that it had to be evacuated. The game will be rescheduled and played at Target Center. (This was a “home game” in Mexico for the Wolves from Minnesota.)

What happened after the game in Mexico is anyone’s best guess. I offer the above Photoshop as one possibility.

Next one is at home on Saturday against LeBron James (and Michael Beasley!) and the Miami Heat.

In Case You Missed It: Check out our State Of The Wolves post at timberwolves.com.

We’ll check in later this week with more.



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4 responses to “Spurs-Wolves Smoked Out, Postponed

  1. T-Wolves fan

    Nice graphic and Photoshop skills! I was looking forward to the game in Mexico City. Too bad they couldn’t play.

    • It was a bummer that the game couldn’t be played. Hopefully everyone got a nice vacation, and they’ll get some wins in this upcoming important stretch. (Facing Miami right off the bat wasn’t really a fair test of their readiness, to be fair. Or something.)

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