More on all of this later, when I get some time to fully digest it.


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5 responses to “SHABAZZ!

  1. Underdog

    Britt suggested that Shabazz does not move well without the ball. Here is a comment from Zach Harper at AWAW:
    “He moves really well without the ball (nearly 1.4 points per possession on cuts, which is insane) and comes off screens looking to shoot right away.”

  2. Richard Bentley

    I don’t care how anyone wants to spin this, Saunders traded the best player in NCAA basketball last year to a team desperate for a player at his position, and who had a player the Wolves would have loved that they may well have (reluctantly) given up in Alec Burks, for a lump of coal and a toaster.
    As far as the lump of coal goes, here’s a very prescient article on Muhammed that came out this March by Johnathon Tjarks:

    This particular lump of coal, by the way, averaged three assists, blocks, and steals per game combined.
    Players can average more than that by accident.

    But what cuts much deeper than this is the implications it brings up. I cannot believe Adelman had any input into this move; he wouldn’t stand for such stupidity. And if he didn’t get input, then I don’t see him coming back. His condition for coaching was that he would have such input.

    It also brings into focus Saunder’s decision-making. So far, in terms of major moves, I have him at 0 for 2. He demolished the foreign coaching staff, and now this draft. To say this bodes badly for the Wolves in the future is an understatement.

    • Richard Bentley

      That combined list for Shabazz includes defensive rebounds as well. Sorry for the omission.

    • Richard–
      The Adelman factor is interesting in all of this. I’m wondering: What’s taking so long with his decision to [not?] return?

      I hope he makes that announcement soon; of course I hope everything’s going better for his wife.