Drazen Petrovic: The one time Rick Adelman got it wrong

Today marks the 20th Anniversary of Petrovic’s death, seems appropriate to re-post this one that looked back on his Portland days with Rick Adelman. RIP.

Punch-Drunk Wolves

This coming June marks the twentieth anniversary of one of the biggest tragedies in NBA history.  On June 7, 1993 a Volkswagon was speeding along Germany’s Autobahn when it encountered a truck that had crashed through the guard rails and was blocking traffic.  Unable to stop or avoid a crash, the car hit the truck, causing serious injuries to the driver and backseat passenger.  The front-seat passenger got the worst of it, flying through the front window.  Drazen Petrovic, the six-time European Player of the Year, recently named All-NBA Third Team performer, and undoubtedly greatest basketball player in Croatian history, was dead at age 28.

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