Andy G. and Patrick J

The Wolves traveled to D.C. and Punch-Drunk Wolves was on the scene at full strength.

If I had a bucket list, it would probably include “See a Timberwolves game at an arena other than Target Center,” and that number would now have a line through it.  It’s almost never fun to watch your favorite team struggle to stay within 20 to the Washington Wi-ZARDS, but tonight was the exception.  Pat got some great seats and it was cool to see the Wolves play in a different venue from a different angle.

The game itself, if you don’t already know, was a rough one.  Washington is hot–finally having quality vets (even Martell Webster?!) to surround John Wall–and the Wolves are dinged up to the point of comedy.  Kevin Love and Nikola Pekovic are the foundation of this team, as it is presently constructed with Recovering Rubio.  Without those two drawing fouls, recycling possessions on the offensive glass, and challenging opposing coaches with matchup problems, the Wolves are constantly looking uphill.  Tonight, John Wall was an acrobat and terror in transition.  Bradley Beal looked like Jesus Shuttlesworth.  Shit, even Jordan Crawford was on point.  Even if the Wolves played their best game the hot Wizards shooting probably would have carried the day.  It was not a good game.

But nevertheless, fun was had.

Here’s @PDWolves’ two favorite coaches, BS’ing before the game:


After shootaround, I took a closer look around the arena…

“Jesus. That’s what they called him– Jesus. ‘Cause he was the truth.” – Jake Shuttlesworth


If I had a time machine, my first destination — or at least one of my first hundred destinations — would be a late 60’s Philly playground that Earl “The Pearl” Monroe was playing on.  Very cool to see his number hanging from the rafters tonight in D.C.

And finally…




You’ll have to trust me — since the photo isn’t clear — that the dude in the brown coat is the one and only Gheorghe Muresan.  He is 7 feet 7 inches tall.  He starred in My Giant.  When the Wolves were getting throttled in the fourth quarter, this was a fun development.

In any case, rough game, but fun night.  Another one tomorrow at Charlotte.

Season Record: 17-23



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7 responses to “INSTANT PHOTO DIARY: WIZARDS 114, Wolves 101

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  2. Dave A.

    Fox Sports North Plus interviewed Muresan. Seems like a friendly person. I remember him having a sense of humor. While warming up at the Target Center years ago, he practiced shots over the backboard from the corner/baseline. He made one after another. In the game, he had half-court skills but struggled to get up and down the full court.
    Looks like we’ll give Ricky a free pass on his poor shooting results/form and blame Porter. I believe that’s what Adelman had in mind. Porter has both balls and good character to accept coaching this sinking ship. Not much fun doing those post-game interviews. If Mrs. Adelman continues to struggle, I assume the family will retire to Portland. Sad to see so much hope turn negative on several fronts including Love and Rudio. Let’s hope they have the good character of Porter and again prove their worth. A couple top draft picks would help attitudes. Any predictions?


      Dave, I just devoted an entire post to how bad Ricky’s shooting form is. He isn’t getting a free pass for shooting — I just don’t think his shooting matters as much as all of the injuries. The other night, when Porter allowed a spastic J.J. Barea to player-coach the team to a winnable loss, I lost it at Porter. But we’re getting to a point of hopelessness so I’ll try to lay off Porter, who has taken on an unenviable task and analyze the games in their proper Kahntext.

  3. Coleen J

    Amazing video shot, and amazing seats, by the way it looks. Sounds like you had fun, despite the final score. We saw a little of the game down at Leo’s and looked for you, but missed you.

    Love you, xxoo, Tina & Co.

  4. @Coleen J: The wonders of technology – truly remarkable, eh? It was a very interesting game, despite the final score, mostly because we saw it from a very unusual vantage point (for us) – right behind the Wolves’ bench. Being there helps you see things you’d otherwise miss, but you miss things you’d otherwise see on a regular telecast. I guess that’s part of the reason they watch film of games they’ve all already participated in. Glad you got to watch some of it.

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