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Cut & Shooters

The B.S. Report podcast, when NBA-focused, is probably my favorite going right now.  Joe House, a Wizards fan and funny dude, makes a good sidekick for Simmons when talking all the latest in pro hoops.  But in their recent discussion about Ray Allen, Simmons said something that I took issue with:

Simmons: I think the thing people miss with Ray and the reason him and Rondo struggle to play together and struggle to get along.. Ray’s a… you know… everybody.. has to chip in to help Ray succeed.  He’s runnin’ off double and triple screens.  The point guard’s gotta pound the ball, twenty-five feet from the basket, for five, six seconds waiting for Ray to come around all these different things.  And I think Rondo is starting to get frustrated.  That, you know, they’re devoting so much time to helping Ray succeed, almost at the expense of his game.  And when [Avery] Bradley was in there and Rondo could just do whatever he wanted, Bradley’s doing backcuts, all that stuff.  That was such a better fit for Rondo’s game.  I think that was part of the problem.

House: But that was just something that came to light last season.  It’s not like that’s been going on for a long time.  And it happened to coincide with, you know, Ray’s physical aging curve.  He’s right at, kind of, the end of his career.

Even though Joe House did a solid job of quickly explaining Simmons’ comment away, it still bugged me when I listened to it.  For two reasons: Continue reading


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DREAM TEAM: An Interview with Myself

[Last night, I finished Jack McCallum’s new bestseller (I’m assuming it is or will be a bestseller.  I didn’t actually bother to check if this is true.) “Dream Team: How Michael, Magic, Larry, Charles, and the Greatest Team of All Time Conquered the World and Changed the Game of Basketball Forever.”  With Wolves news limited to the ticking timer on Portland matching Batum, and the Vegas League that only serves to build false hope in young TWolves, I thought I would share some takeaways from a 345-page book that I consumed much the way a Knicks fan imagines Raymond Felton might devour a Big Mac.  That is a lame-joke way of saying that I’m a notoriously slow reader, but plowed through this one in less than a week’s time.  I owe that in part to work travels that allowed much airport and airplane downtime, an uneventful weekend (even by blogger standards) and that I enjoyed the book.  Anyway, here goes.] Continue reading

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Centered Love

Kevin Love

As you probably already know, Kevin Love earned a spot on this summer’s Olympic team.  If you’ve read a little bit about it, you noticed that he will likely play the center position for America’s Finest.  From Ray Richardson:

“That’s going to be my primary position throughout the event … through the friendly games and leading up to the Olympics,” Love said Saturday in Las Vegas during an interview on NBA TV. “It’s going to be a lot of the ‘five spot’ for me, so I’ll be doing a lot of picking and popping, offensive rebounding, getting extra possessions … doing everything I can to help this team.”

Picking and popping, offensive rebounding, and getting extra possessions are all things that Love does at an elite level for his NBA team.  Is there some reason that he cannot or should not play center for the TWolves?  In the middle of last season, I wrote a piece that compared Willis Reed’s role on the champion Knicks to what I thought Kevin Love might be able to accomplish in today’s NBA.  Although I’ve made my feelings known on the subject, I find it necessary to address it again now, because of the Olympic news and also because important roster decisions will be made in the coming days and weeks. Continue reading


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INBOX: Goodbye Michael Beasley, Hello Brandon Roy

Fun with Photoshop

Patrick J: Lots of Wolves activity of late: Beasley’s gone, Roy’s in, and the fun has just begun.Good or no good?

Andy G: Before I dig into last night’s wave of Blazers-Wolves free agency warfare, I’ll say my piece about de boi Mike Beasley.

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Batum, Gasol & Scenarios

Nic Batum, future Timberwolf?

Free Agency (sort of began) at midnight on Saturday night.  That’s when teams could contact free agents to discuss possible contracts and, in some cases, come to verbal agreements.  Only, the actual pen-on-paper agreement cannot be finalized until July 11, still eight days away (if you’re reading this on Tuesday.)  While we wait for that big day, and the proverbial dominos to fall, we’re left reading the latest updates about who is joining David Kahn to what Twins game and following whatever blockbuster trades break across the news wire when you least expect.  Continue reading


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