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Twitter Loves CP3

I guess I’ll just give up.

I’d rather play with LeBron.  He wins more, plays better defense, dribbles less, and until very recently didn’t flop so much.

I doubt it.  He’s never played in a conference finals.



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Baron Davis is All Done

Baron Davis was one of my favorite players. His career ended yesterday in the nastiest of ways. I won’t post the video here. If you haven’t seen it, just trust me–it was gruesome.

I liked Baron for the same reason I like the NBA lottery: he was the ultimate tease. You knew you were seeing high-level talent, but you never knew if it was going to come together so that he’d achieve his full potential. Like most lottery picks, Baron didn’t end up meeting the expectations people had for him. He didn’t always play hard, he was frequently overweight, his shot selection was terrible, and he missed a lot of games. But you knew when the lights shined brightest, Boom Dizzle could hang with the best and be a difference-maker. There aren’t that many guys with his enigmatic swagger and who are as likable as Baron was despite all of his unlikable qualities. He’s a once-in-a-generation point guard of the rarest type–a forgettable one.

That said, I know I’m gonna miss Baron Davis.



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Meloball Under Fire (Again)

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The great Howard Beck wrote an interesting column in today’s New York Times, analyzing the struggles of Carmelo Anthony versus the Heat and in his entire postseason career. He points out Melo’s crappy shooting percentage in this series and his dismissive postgame remarks that suggest a lack of awareness. Beck drives everything home with this bullet:

In nine postseasons, Anthony is 16-36 — the worst record among active players with at least 50 playoff games. He has won a first-round series only once, in 2009. Since then, he has lost 11 of 13 playoff games. If the Knicks lose Sunday, it will be Anthony’s third time getting swept in five years.

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The Wolves’ Gym Rat

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As sixteen NBA teams do battle in the first round of the playoffs, the Timberwolves begin their offseason.  Kahn had his presser (which was tragically-devoid of Kahnisms), we looked back on the season that was, and each player now departs for his offseason home.  Over the next few months, Wolves fans will talk draft and free agency, and even spend some quality time with the trade machine. The team faces upcoming roster turnover for the umpteenth consecutive year that could range from cutting bait with their expirings (Miller/Webster/Beasley/Randolph) to more drastic changes like a Derrick Williams trade–which would probably involve contract fillers like Ridnour or Barea– for a high-quality but expensive wing.

No matter which course Kahn & co take, there will certainly be some incumbent Wolves on next year’s roster.  Ricky and Love aren’t going anywhere. Barring an unforeseen trade, Pekovic will be back, and there’s no guarantees that the team will be able to give away Wes Johnson who remains under contract.  And so with returning personnel comes the task of DEVELOPING that personnel.  And that task belongs primarily to one Billy Bayno.  Continue reading


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