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Total Destruction

The Wolves effort tonight doesn’t justify a game wrap. Just let me say I’m disappointed with our effort and continue to be impressed with the Pacers’ effort.


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What is Anthony Randolph’s Upside?

Derrick Williams sucked Thursday night against the Clippers after looking great against Denver the night before. Williams only managed to muster 4 points against the Clips after thrashing the Nuggets’ front line.

Meanwhile, you have Anthony Randolph. Randolph almost never plays. But he played exceedingly well against Denver (28 pts in 31 mins, 11-16 from the floor) after Kevin Love got concussed, and he followed it up with a nice 16 and 9 night against the Clips.

Randolph’s solid play of late is not a revelation.

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25 Best Top-3s in 25 Years: A Fantasy Draft-Style Take On The Best High-Draft Pick Performances, 1984-2008

These guys were good as rookies

The Wolves aren’t much fun to watch anymore. We like the draft. We like history. We (usually) like controversy. We brought lots of these things together into a FANTASY DRAFT of top-3 picks from 1984-2008. Why just top-3 picks, and just 1984-2008. ’cause that’s what we felt like doing. Peel back the layers and you’ll understand.

My picks are the ODDS; Andy G’s picks are the EVENS.  And we’re only dealing with rookie-year performance.  This is about who was the best when they entered the league; not who had the best career.

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The Anthony Randolph Appreciation Post

With the Clippers coming to town at full strength and with hopes of contending for the Western Conference title, a Wolves victory was not realistic.  As they remain without Love and Rubio (and Ridnour and Wayne and Darko) tonight’s game was watched not with expectations of a good competition, but with an interest in the performance of specific players.  In my case, that player was Anthony Randolph who had just burst out of his (usual) spot on the bench for 28 points and 5 blocks in last night’s near-win over the Denver Nuggets. Continue reading


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Things couldn’t get much wor–nevermind.

With last night’s loss to Denver, the Wolves extended their losing streak to 7 games.  Since we last checked in, they’ve fallen to the Hornets (16-42; dead-last in West), been destroyed by the Suns at Target Center, and dropped last night’s game while losing Kevin Love to a scary head/neck injury.  So, things aren’t going so hot. Continue reading

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Tanked (Warriors 97, WOLVES 94)

Klay Thompson, son of former Gopher great, Mychal Thompson

The game wraps have become fewer and farther between, but I attended this game so it makes sense to post some notes.

For much of the 2nd Quarter, this game felt like a breeze.  The Warriors scored 4 points in the first 9:03 of the period while the Wolves built up an 18-point lead near the half.  For the final 26:57 of the game, the Warriors would outscore the home team 72-51.  Those 72 points came the easy way; many from Charles Jenkins uncontested layups.  Kevin Love was needed as a help defender, but he either lacked the energy or inclination to play that part on this night.  On multiple–possibly consecutive–possessions, Love watched dribblers take the layup when he was within range of at least a foul, if not a solid contest. Continue reading


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Taking Inventory

As I see it, there are five different types of NBA teams at this point in the season:

1) Great teams locked into a high-playoff seed, looking to stay healthy and sharp for the playoffs.

2) Playoff-bound teams jockeying for seed position and/or a division title.

3) Average teams fighting tooth and nail for a playoff spot.

4) Bad teams tanking for the lottery.

5) The Minnesota Timberwolves, ravaged by injuries but without its own lottery pick and therefore without a tanking incentive.

What a weird place to be.  Here’s a brief rundown of where things stand as we head down the home stretch: Continue reading

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