A Stale Product (GRIZZLIES 93, Wolves 86)

If you’ve been watching the Wolves for all of this brief season, you must agree with me: This sucks.  No, it isn’t as bad as last year (or any of the past few years) when March and April meant putting Kevin Love or Al Jefferson on the shelf and talking ourselves into Rashad McCants’ upside as a 6th Man (when we weren’t talking ourselves into our cursed lottery chances.)  But now that we’ve seen entertaining and competitive basketball–more than just a small dose (January 2009) but a sustainable product with that magic word UPSIDE right along with a steady flow of W’s–this just sucks.  In my opinion, this loss marks the end of the Wolves bid for a playoff spot.  They won’t tank, since they don’t get their pick anyway, but I think the hole is too deep to climb out of and the Wolves are now playing only for pride.

With that in mind, we’ll probably shift our approach a bit on this blog.  I don’t enjoy writing game wraps after these Rubio-and-meaning-less games, and I doubt very much that you’ve enjoyed the ones I’ve attempted.  If you want game-by-game coverage, check out the blogs on the right-hand column.  Canis Hoopus has been doing a great “Report Card” theme this year, that I think will continue to season’s end.  For an example, check out Jose Cordoba’s wrap of the Nuggets game, here.

Anyway, we’ll still come up with post ideas and maybe a few game wraps if some interesting things develop beyond Love’s individual excellence and the same pros and cons that the others have shown off.  When watching the home stretch, I’ll be paying particularly close attention to Malcolm Lee who showed some defensive chops in the first part of tonight’s game.  But by and large, the content here will probably start to shift toward the upcoming playoffs, with a little bit of draft talk here and there (particularly if Utah continues to surge toward postseason play, giving Minnesota a mid-first rounder.)  I hope you’ll keep checking in and chiming in on the comment board.

Season Record: 24-27



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4 responses to “A Stale Product (GRIZZLIES 93, Wolves 86)

  1. Dave A.

    Andy, you are right. We don’t need news coverage on Punch Drunk Wolves but would still enjoy hearing your comments on the Wolves’ games. They won tonight. Okay to keep things short and to the point. Keep writing. Playoffs are always intense and great entertainment – Wolves in or not.

  2. Jose Cordoba

    Until they get Pek back or D-Will starts playing better. The roster is K.Love (An All-World Power Forward)/ a Hobbled Luke Ridnour and a bunch of 8th-9th Men (Webster, Wayne, Tolliver, Lee) and don’t even mention Wes.

    • Good point about Pek/Williams. Pek is a legit starting 5, and we’ve also been without Barea (probably a legit 6th Man) and Beasley (vascillates between superstar scorer and lazy clown, but the former helps win games against good teams.)

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