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Who would you trade for Anthony Davis?

If you’re reading this blog then you are certainly aware of two things:

1)      Kentucky is having a phenomenal season and will play in Saturday’s Final Four; and

2)      Anthony Davis is ridiculously-good at basketball and is locked in as the top NBA Draft prospect.

With that in mind, and without interesting developments in the Wolves season (unless you think Kevin Garnett’s unappreciative and bitter side is interesting) to discuss, why not have a completely hypothetical and unnecessary exploration of Anthony Davis’ current trade value? Continue reading


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A Stale Product (GRIZZLIES 93, Wolves 86)

If you’ve been watching the Wolves for all of this brief season, you must agree with me: This sucks.  No, it isn’t as bad as last year (or any of the past few years) when March and April meant putting Kevin Love or Al Jefferson on the shelf and talking ourselves into Rashad McCants’ upside as a 6th Man (when we weren’t talking ourselves into our cursed lottery chances.)  But now that we’ve seen entertaining and competitive basketball–more than just a small dose (January 2009) but a sustainable product with that magic word UPSIDE right along with a steady flow of W’s–this just sucks.  In my opinion, this loss marks the end of the Wolves bid for a playoff spot.  They won’t tank, since they don’t get their pick anyway, but I think the hole is too deep to climb out of and the Wolves are now playing only for pride.

With that in mind, we’ll probably shift our approach a bit on this blog.  I don’t enjoy writing game wraps after these Rubio-and-meaning-less games, and I doubt very much that you’ve enjoyed the ones I’ve attempted.  If you want game-by-game coverage, check out the blogs on the right-hand column.  Canis Hoopus has been doing a great “Report Card” theme this year, that I think will continue to season’s end.  For an example, check out Jose Cordoba’s wrap of the Nuggets game, here.

Anyway, we’ll still come up with post ideas and maybe a few game wraps if some interesting things develop beyond Love’s individual excellence and the same pros and cons that the others have shown off.  When watching the home stretch, I’ll be paying particularly close attention to Malcolm Lee who showed some defensive chops in the first part of tonight’s game.  But by and large, the content here will probably start to shift toward the upcoming playoffs, with a little bit of draft talk here and there (particularly if Utah continues to surge toward postseason play, giving Minnesota a mid-first rounder.)  I hope you’ll keep checking in and chiming in on the comment board.

Season Record: 24-27


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Must Win

Following the announcement that Ricky Rubio tore his ACL, the Wolves went out and lost a home game to the New Orleans Hornets.  Shortly after that, I wrote them off as a potential playoff team.  They’re 3-6 since the injury as Western Conference competitors have surged over .500.  As of now, the Wolves are 3 games out of a tie for the 8-Seed.  But looking at the upcoming schedule, I realized something: If the Wolves win tonight’s game, they might just climb back into the playoff picture. Continue reading

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The Love & Luke Show (WOLVES 117, Nuggets 100)

As of this moment there are five Western Conference teams within 1.5 games of each other, ranked 4 through 9.  Having lost to the struggling Wolves today, Denver has slid to the bottom of that list, after tie-breakers are considered.  In other words, today’s loss has temporarily removed them from the playoff picture.  Which in Springtime NBA Land means that Denver really wanted this one, but couldn’t get it.  The win, for the Wolves, means a bit more than the recent struggle over Golden State. Continue reading

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Literature Review: Patrick J’s Top 5 Favorite Basketball Books

Ricky is hurt. The Wolves are losing. The games are difficult to watch. It’s spring, and tanking season is underway across the league.

League Pass isn’t enough anymore. What’s a hoops blogger to do to satisfy his addiction?

Here at Punch-Drunk Wolves, we’re turning to books.

Last night, Andy mentioned he’s now reading Mark Titus’ new book DON’T PUT ME IN, COACH: MY INCREDIBLE NCAA JOURNEY FROM THE END OF THE BENCH TO THE END OF THE BENCH. I’m a voracious reader, too, and nothing beats a great basketball book.

Since talking about the Wolves isn’t much fun right now, I decided to follow Andy’s lead and talk books.Below the fold, I list my five favorite basketball books. A subsequent post will contain numbers 6-10. I’ll probably follow that up with a post on “notable basketball books that are conspicuously absent from Patrick J’s top 10 list.”

Without further ado…

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What to talk about? (SPURS 116, Wolves 100)

The score was 32-16 in the Spurs favor after one quarter.  After a half-hearted comeback in the 2nd by the Wolves, the game was lopsided for the entire half.  Nobody seemed to play well.  The box score shows decent work done by Love, Tolliver, Barea and Ellington.  But it didn’t really seem like it.

So what else to discuss in the world of hoops? Continue reading


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Bizarro Night at Oracle (Wolves 97, WARRIORS 93)

The Warriors retired Chris Mullin’s jersey tonight, leading to the longest halftime I can remember for a regular season NBA game.  Or any NBA game.  Apparently the Dubs crowd booed the owner, Joe Lacob, when he wouldn’t stop talking.  And then apparently Rick Barry grabbed the mic and started lecturing the crowd a bit.  Sounds like quite a zoo over in Oakland, these days.  Pat could tell us more about it, I suppose. Continue reading


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