Replacing Kevin Love

Love getting chippy with Scola

So, the NBA has suspended Timberwolves forward Kevin Love for two games for stomping on Rockets forward Luis Scola’s face, reports Jerry Zgoda. Love will be out for tomorrow night’s tilt against Sacramento and Thursday at Memphis.

This stings: all of a sudden, the Kings look like a formidable opponent. Cousins might end up with 30 rebounds instead of just 15. And against Memphis, we’lll only have The Godfather to bang with Marc Gasol. Love’s absence is always felt the most  against teams with physical bigs. Unfortunately, the Kings and the Grizz both qualify.

But Love’s suspension also makes things a bit more interesting.

How will Rick Adelman adjust? His team will have a gaping hole in its regular lineup, and there are plenty of suitors for Love’s minutes.  We’ve got our own ideas about how we’d proceed, but we want to hear yours.

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4 responses to “Replacing Kevin Love

  1. I’d prefer Williams or Randolph to fill those minutes. Since Williams seems to need a confidence boost–and definitely needs a trade-value boost–I voted for him. A couple of 20 & 10’s from the struggling rookie could do wonders to the inevitable trade-machine hypotheticals that will continue to surround his season.

    • Anonymous

      @Andy G: I like Williams too, and not only for the reasons you mention. He’s also a tougher interior player than Beasley, and, I think, better suited to play the four than Mike. But most of all, I’d just like to see Williams get some time out there and (hopefully) show the rest of the league what kind of great things he’s capable of doing.

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