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A Guest Post on Jeremy Lin, by George N

Jeremy Lin

Patrick J: I asked my good friend George N to write a guest post on “what it means to be an Asian NBA fan and to have Jeremy Lin intervene into his NBA fandom.” He graciously replied with his thoughts below.

On Jeremy Lin:

I’d be lying if I said that I don’t care at all that he’s Asian. Part of my interest also stems from the fact that he’s from the Bay Area and he used to play on the Warriors. Lots of friends (mostly also Asian and from the bay) messaged me as soon as he had his first breakout game against the Nets. Many regretted the Warriors cutting him to try to sign DeAndre (The Dubs front office has made so many other mistakes that this one hardly registered). As a partial NBA season ticket holder (Wizards still count as pro basketball right?), and a daily box score reader – I typically notice if anyone has a breakout game. I saw the summer league highlights against Wall. I saw
some Harvard clips that were forwarded by one of my best Asian friends who wrote for the Cornell paper at the time. He was totally against Lin. Why? I think he put it best when he was asked by a white friend from Stanford why, as an Asian, he wouldn’t be a Lin fan, he responded, “do you root for every white guy from Cal?”

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